Spring Course Announcement: Picturebooks & Graphic Novels

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What students are saying about Picturebooks & Graphic Novels

Samantha, College of Liberal Arts
Spring 2016:

“I enjoyedPicturebooks and GraphicNovels for two reasons; one being the fact I have an innerchildwho loves looking backat childhood books and thesecond being that I live for
educating myself, so why not knock out those two birds with one stone? Being an English major, I knew one didn’t have to always focus on old classics like Pride & Prejudice, To Kill A Mockingbird or even Shakespearean plays, I could also look at the raw or complex portrayal of “nursery rhymes”—or even New York Times Best-Sellers—in different forms of sequential art. It also helped me broaden my horizon on the many varietie of sequential art, showing that‘comics’ isn’t the general term for it anymore.”

Lily, College of Liberal Arts
Spring 2016:

“During this class, each discussion was really about the students putting in our own input and being heard as we all collectively tried to rethink conventions and see what it is about reading and the visual arts that appealed to us. The conversations and questions we tried to answer were directed by the interests of the group and with a group as passionate about what they were talking about, it often carried over outside the
classroom. Each student brought to the table their own experiences. We got to
dissect the books, movies, comics, and television shows, artwork and even things that don’t quite fit into those labels and see their influences on ourselves and pop culture. This class made me more aware of the sequential art I consume and taught me how to talk about that art and its lasting effects.“

Katie, College of Design
Spring 2016:

“I definitely enjoyed this course. It was a great freshman seminar to take as a graphic design major. I loved how we moved through different forms of sequential art from picture books to graphic novel to manga to web comics and more! I specifically enjoyed the Molly Bang project and the group comic project, but there’s so much more! If you’re an artistic person, this is a class for you!”

Contact Dr. Marek Oziewicz to learn more!


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