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  • Review: Finding Winnie by Lindsay Mattick, illustrated by Sophie Blackall (5/3/2018) - Review by Phoebe Courant Finding Winnie is the curious origin story of the beloved bear, Winnie the Pooh. Lindsay Mattick begins her book with a young boy asking his mother to tell him a story. The woman begins to tell the story of a veterinarian named Harry Colebourn who is sent of to war to … Continue reading
  • Review: Thanksgiving in the Woods by Phyllis Alsdurf, Ill. Jenny Lovlie (4/28/2018) - Review by Hannah Henricksen What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving? For most people the answer is either the people or the food, or both. In Thanksgiving in the Woods, a family and their friends celebrate Thanksgiving by gathering in the woods, amongst the trees. Wooden planks are set up for tables and hay bales … Continue reading
  • Review: Over the Ocean by Taro Gomi (4/27/2018) - Review by Meghan Flora Many people are curious about what’s in the ocean, but what about what’s over the ocean? In this picturebook, a young Japanese child looks out over the vast body of water and asks the questions many of us don’t think about. “What kind of animals are over the ocean?” and “Is … Continue reading
  • Review: Flotsam by David Wiesner (4/26/2018) - Review by Anna Chirhart The deep sea is a space alien to mankind…. You’d never guess it to be home of extraterrestrial beings! Flotsam is a fanciful story about a boy who is playing on a beach and finds an old camera washed up on shore. He brings the camera to “One-Hour-Photo”, to get the … Continue reading
  • Review: Hank’s Big Day: The Story of a Bug by Evan Kuhlman. Ill Chuck Groenink (4/25/2018) - Review by Jem Genis Beginning with the dedication “For my sister, a friend of pill bugs,” Hank’s Big Day: The Story of a Bug tells the tale of Hank, a pill bug who lives beneath a big rock. During his day Hank crawls past several fellow insects. He scales a stick, and crosses a treacherous … Continue reading
  • Review: Hello, Mr. Dodo! by Nicholas John Frith (4/24/2018) - Review by Mikah Martiarena What if Dodo Birds never went extinct? The picturebook Hello, Mr. Dodo! tells a story of an encounter between a girl named Martha and a Dodo Bird. Martha is a young girl who has taken a special interest in all types of birds. When she comes across a bird she doesn’t … Continue reading
  • Review: The Color of Heaven by Kim Hwa (4/23/2018) - Review by Ellen Lewis How painful is waiting for someone you love? The anguish of waiting is well-known to the two female protagonists in The Color of Heaven. This is the final book in the Color Trilogy written by Kim Hwa. This Korean graphic novel is a love story that reveals the struggle of longing … Continue reading
  • Review: Drama by Raina Telgemeier (4/22/2018) - Review by Sonia Franzen Middle school has enough drama already. But that doesn’t stop Callie from loving theater. Though, she faces a problem: she can’t sing. Instead, she becomes a member of the crew and works to create the best middle school set of Moon Over Mississippi. Throughout the novel she finds herself stumbling through … Continue reading
  • Review: Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi (4/18/2018) - Review by Lalita Prachanty It is the year 1982, where a teenage girl sings to the lyrics of “Kids in America” by Kim Wilde as loud as she wants in the country of Iran. She wears her stylish denim jackets and tight jeans out onto the streets with no fear whatsoever. All of this would … Continue reading
  • Review: The Worst Princess by Anna Kemp, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie (4/17/2018) - Review by Tina Nguyen Is The Worst Princess the worst book? Depends whom you ask. But I’m going to show you how this book is perhaps the best when it comes to telling a story about the worst princess. This whimsical picturebook about friendly dragons and girl power features a princess who has spent her … Continue reading
  • Review: J.P. and the Bossy Dinosaur by Ana Crespo, illustrated by Erica Sirotich (4/16/2018) - Review by Hannah Coffey Have you ever been upset because you were told you couldn’t do something? J.P., the young protagonist who loves dinosaurs, is very happy to go to the water park. But, he is sad to learn from the dinosaur-shaped sign that he is too short to ride the big waterslide with his … Continue reading
  • Review: The Shadow Hero by Gene Luen Yang, illustrated by Sonny Liew (4/15/2018) - Review by Sarah Kass Ever wonder why superheroes are so good at dodging bullets? In The Shadow Hero, Hank Chu literally cannot be shot. That’s a deal he made with an ancient turtle spirit of China. Set in a pre-WWII China Town, The Shadow Hero is about a young Chinese American man named Hank who … Continue reading
  • Review: The Fog Mound by Susan Schade, illustrated by Jon Buller (4/12/2018) - Review by Casey Chang The Fog Mound, is the first in a three-volume series, Travels of Thelonious, where the titular talking chipmunk named Thelonious, is joined by many other animals who talk and dress like humans. Including Fitzgerald, the porcupine, Olive the bear, and Brown the lizard, Thelonious and friends journey to Olive’s home, the … Continue reading
  • Review: Thunder Boy Jr. by Serman Alexie, illustrated by Yuyi Morales (4/11/2018) - Reviewed by Dan Grussing Sherman Alexie is an award-winning Native American author whose poems and novels candidly, humorously, and truthfully explore what it means to be Native American today. Thunder Boy Jr. is a light-hearted and beautiful exploration of the Native American naming tradition in which a person’s name uniquely captures something of themselves. Thunder … Continue reading
  • Review: Ganesh and the Little Mouse by Anjali Joshi, illustrated by Christy McCreery (4/4/2018) - Reviewed by Emily Naik Ganesh and the Little Mouse is inspired by a myth of Hindu gods, Ganesh and Karthikeya, racing around the world. Joshi adapts the original myth to include themes of friendship, family, and perseverance for a modern audience. Ganesh was born with the head of an elephant, which sometimes makes him feel … Continue reading
  • Review: The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt, illustrated by Oliver Jeffers (4/2/2018) - Reviewed by Dani Quast Did you ever feel guilty as a kid for not using all of your crayons equally? Did you ever consider that some less-used crayons might have felt left out? The Day the Crayons Quit will make you remember the joys of coloring, but will add a quirky twist on how our … Continue reading
  • Review: The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste (3/27/2018) - Reviewed by Jennifer Langreck Do you remember believing in fairy tales or scary creatures when you were young? In Tracey Baptiste’s fantasy novel The Jumbies, Caribbean lore becomes reality. The twelve-year-old protagonist Corinne doesn’t have to believe in the creatures she hears about in the local stories, but she does have to confront them. The … Continue reading
  • Review: Boy Meets Boy by David Levitan (3/26/2018) - Reviewed by Kate Plager There’s a limited number of classic tropes featured in most works of adolescent realistic fiction. Drama about who will be named homecoming queen, parents’ pressure about college decisions, nervous and awkward first dates with a boy you have a crush on, trying to find your place in a high school run … Continue reading
  • Review: Separate is Never Equal: Sylvia Mendez and Her Family’s Fight for Desegregation by Duncan Tonatiuh (Reviewed by Anne Floyd) (3/25/2018) - Reviewed by Anne Floyd If you’re like me, you thought that the legal fight against segregation started at Brown v. Board of Education. Separate is Never Equal by Duncan Tonatiuh sets the record straight. In the Mendez v. Westminister School District case, 7 years before Brown v. Board of Education, Sylvia and her family successfully … Continue reading
  • Review: Be Who You Are by Todd Parr (3/23/2018) - Reviewed by Katelyn Wright Why fit in when it’s way more fun to stand out? That’s the message that Todd Parr boldly splashes across each page in Be Who You Are, a colorful picturebook for pre-school and early elementary readers. Children of all colors, including blue, black, orange, and purple, dance through this book with … Continue reading

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