Spring Course Announcement: Multicultural Literature for Children & Adults (ONLINE)


What students are saying about Multicultural Literature for Children & Adults

“This course helped to expand my understanding of diversity in literature beyond racial and ethnic boundaries and encouraged me to view multiculturalism as an activity in which we can all participate, rather than as a static feature of certain texts over others. Against the backdrop of ignorance and vitriol that seems to pervade our news cycles, these texts emphatically promote tolerance and celebrate human differences. This course is amust-take for all teachers and literary scholars in our modern, multicultural world.” Ali (Spring 2016)

“This class helped me develop a framework for thinking about and teaching multicultural literature. Already, I have applied the ideas and a large portion of the texts from this course into my own classroom, which is not something I can say for many courses I have taken. I greatly enjoyed almost every text I read for this class, and the insights that Marek brought to discussion guided me to new understandings about them each session. I’d highly recommend this course to educators, readers, and anyone interested in developing a deeper, more nuanced understanding of multiculturalism.” Dan (Spring 2016)


Contact Dr. Marek Oziewicz to learn more!


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