Book Review: Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich


Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich by Adam Rex is a collection of monster tales that cannot be missed! This amazing picture book takes a humorous look at the monsters we have grown to love. The  subtitle sets the stage for this collection that includes the titular story “and other stories you’re sure to like  because they’re all about monsters and some of them are about food. You like food don’t you?”

Through the wonder of poetic verse and amusing illustrations, Rex explores the troubles that so many of our mod door Phantom, you just can’t get that ear worm out of his head and it’s a small world is on a constant loop. And Dracula? He has spent the whole evening with spinach and its teeth. Why didn’t any of his fiends tell him?

Ada Rex, the award-winning author and illustrator, has effectively envisioned what happens in the lives of monsters after they have stopped hunting terrorizing, and causing Mayhem. Each poetic tell is cleverly written and has moments of laugh out loud amusement.

Recommended for readers of all ages.

Rex, Adam. Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich. HMH Books for Young Readers, 2011. Fantasy.  ISBN: 0547576838

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